Thursday, October 12, 2006

Say things over and over again

Funny one from the greatest dumbo(greater than Ballayya and Vijaykant)

Does not he have any shame

Shame on you Musharraf, disgusted to write about you!, I will leave it to the viewers to comment on you.

This video is about recent Musharraf antics in America.

Initiative appreciated

This video really made my eyes wet.

A.R.Rahman's theme music for The Banyan, an institution for destitute and differently-abled women in Chennai.
Beleive me, there are people who care 'only' about other's well being.
And this institute is one among them.

'Shrek' Tamil Songs

This is really wonderful, credits to the fellas who created this.
Iam surprised by creativity, we possess. Ballayya and Vijayakanth, please take a break now.

Creativity on roll now.