Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who are we - Identity

I think my patriotic spirits are running high today.
Any way, about the video, this has a special place in my classic collection of videos and my salute to the author.

Shameful moments of Pakistani cricket

I do not know when they will learn, these players deserve no respect or whatso ever in the cricket world. These lots really affect the young talents reside on the Pakistan side.

Afridi tampering the Pitch

Miandad going nuts

Slap in the face to Aamir Sohail

Conversation between Imran and Ravi Shastri

Initially when Aamir Sohail goes for a four, Imran thoroughly enjoys it. Even saying "He is a great competitor and implicitly supports Sohail". Ravi Shastri doesn't comment during period and keeps mum.
Next ball Prasad plucks Sohails stumps, Ravi Shastri bursts out and says "That's the best way you can answer a batsman".
Now Imran humbly accepts the fact that Sohail argued with the bowler and lost his concentration.

There are certain things which are embedded in the genes and cannot be changed. But the next generation Pakistanis which views these things has to improve their image around the world.This is not just only on cricket, but their image around the world is completely tampered by human right violations, harbouring terrorism, military rule ,rapes etc.,

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Spirit of India

Lost for words ........

Football dribble ---> Nice one

Nice one, but a shame though he is performing these in the street.

This "not a funny video"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Atleast say a SORRY

Two grownup kids doing a cat, sorry a nasty fight.

Patronas AD

Here is a funny ad about today's youngsters who follow the yo-yo western culture.
Really funny when the "Paaati"/Party" comes..