Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pari Pari Song : Hungama

Here is the video of Pari Pari song Hungama,

Excellent melody

Friday, February 03, 2006

Animosity between India and Pakistan

This video is about a flag lowering ceremony at Wagah border between India and Pakistan.

After watching this video, I should say it's madness on both ends. This refers to both Pakistan and India.
Fifty years earlier we were one country which included Bangladesh and now this insanity has taken new roots.

Watch it to beleive it.....

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ganguly not getting along with the team....

Read below and judge it for yourselves...

Scene 1
Irfan Pathan bowls the first ball and takes the wicket.

Scene 2
Ganguly gives a pat to Dravid and Pathan in the back, now the famous Indian "huddle together" starts.

Scene 3
Everybody clasping their arms across each other. Sehwag on the left hand side and Kumble(I reckon) on the right hand side of Ganguly.

Now the climax
Ganguly tends to get along with the huddle.
Just for a moment his arms goes around Kumble's waist,instead he decides to leave his right hand on his waist.

It looked odd to me...

My observations may be false, but got an intense feeling that he should leave the Indian team, instead of hanging around as an unwanted customer.

Shocking Pakistan Earthquake video

This video really left me breathless. I have never seen an earth quake before, neither expreienced it. But this video made me witness one.

Irfan Pathan Hatrick

Here is the video of unbeleivable stuff from Irfan Pathan and the victims were all top class batsman of Pakistan....