Friday, January 27, 2006

Incompetent Pakistani autocratic rulers

This post holds the audio link of Musharaff giving an interview to Washington post, claiming that "Rapes in Pakistan has become a money making concern". After reaching Pakistan back, women activists staged protests and he felt the heat....

Now a flip-flop, he said, he is not such a fool to make such statements...

But Washington post doesn't exist in Pakistan though :)

They published the audio in their website and you can listen it here


Pakistan is blessed with such rulers, people should overthrow these elements and should exist democratically.


Anonymous Sharad said...

yea I agree, but I cannot help but think about my own country. People of India should overthrow the corrupt politicians just trying to make money at all costs. I mean these people are worse than the british in many respects except the the racial part. We should be more concerned about the morons that govern our country before giving other people advice. BTW I hate musharraf too.

9:44 PM  

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